City of Cedar Hill

Brief History

Cedar Hill is one of the oldest organized communities in Dallas County and was at one time designated as the temporary county seat. It practices a council-manager form of government, comprised of an elected mayor, 6 at-large council positions and a city manager appointed by the council. Since 1990 the population of Cedar Hill has increased over 100% to 46,311 in 2010.


Less than 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, Cedar Hill offers 4-A and 4-B sales tax funds that can be used to attract businesses to the city and help existing businesses expand. Triple Freeport Tax Exemption, competitive prices and tax abatement are among the list of incentives offered by Cedar Hill.

Cedar Hill’s newest tool provides comprehensive demographic reports, interactive maps and property database.

At 880 feet above sea level, Cedar Hill has the highest elevation between the Red River and the Gulf of Mexico. That is why Cedar Hill has the highest concentration of radio and television communication antennas in the country with 14 towers reaching several thousand feet into the air. Cedar Hill offers breathtaking landscapes of Joe Pool Lake and Cedar Hill State Park. By providing a clean, safe environment with quality development, Cedar Hill has undoubtedly become Dallas County’s Hottest New Marketplace!