BSW Program of Work

Our Vision:  To be a thriving region for future generations. 

Our Mission: To join communities under shared economic growth objectives, uplifting the region together. 

Our Board of Directors and the Exec. Committee oversee the BSWP Organization.
“Committees recommend, and Boards approve”.

Our Core Initiatives - Standing Committees 

EDUCATION - Honorable Chad McCurdy, Chair

  • Administer the Member City Scholarships program – currently 10
    • Project - Plan Luncheon including identifying speaker (May 19)
  • Explore how BSW can support College to Career opportunities within the region
  • Identify ways to better align capacity with needs of the community
  • Opportunity for BSW Partnership to Use its Bully Pulpit to
    • Promote and communicate existing opportunities that may not be known
    • Educate the community on the value of vocational and technical education
    • Assist in the recruitment of mentors for students

WORKFORCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Dr. Joe Seabrooks & Hon. Carrie Gordon, Co-Chairs

  • Develop a comprehensive list of workforce resources for all the cities, EDC, etc. to share with current and future employers
  • Work with education partners to define a workforce pathway based on the needs of the employer
  • Connect with employers who need a trained skilled workforce
  • Work closer with Dallas Regional Chamber and be a key partner to address Mayor’s Southern Dallas Project

Transportation - Hon. Barry Gordon, Chair

  • Bullet train – assessment of positive/negative effects of region and how to increase positive opportunities
  • Provide updates and possible action items on pending and in-process transportation projects that directly or indirectly affect the region
  • DART/STAR Discussions – continue information gathering/initial feasibility and hold meeting with Mayors
  • Assist in planning of luncheon including Identifying a speaker for Transportation Luncheon

HEALTHCARE - Dr. Joyce Tapley, Chair

  • Revisit BSW cities healthcare data in order to identify commonalities in healthcare needs
  • Identify and communicate possible existing resources and shared partnerships for addressing the healthcare needs
  • Begin meaningful mental health discussion for BSW region
  • Plan for an annual event, may or may not coincide with luncheon

Our Special Committees

Marketing & Branding - Michael Flusche, Chair

  • Research which industries match up well with the strengths and capabilities of each member city
    • What types of businesses would be attractive to each city and that would fit that city well?
    • What industries are common between two or more cities
    • What companies make up these “sweet spot” industries?
    • Are these companies expanding or relocating?
    • Where are these companies to be found, and approached?
      • Trade magazines
      • Trade shows and conferences
      • By the internet
      • Government resources
  • Create a targeted promotional program to pursue “sweet spot” industries/companies and go where they might be found (on-going)
  • Broaden visibility of the BSW Partnership by joining local, state and national organizations
  • Help to promote all key BSW programs and events (RED Luncheon, Legislative Series, etc.) as needed

Governmental/Legislative Affairs – Kenneth Govan, Chair

  • Plan and communicate the August Legislative Series
  • Update BSW on pertinent legislative activity that affects the region; especially those related to our Core Initiatives

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