Access Self Storage


Access Self Storage is in a league of its own. In 1972, when W.J. Hunt and his son, Doug, opened the first Access Self Storage facility in Garland, they stood in the middle of 2 extremes – shady self-storage facilities without an illusion of safety or security and corporate franchise facilities with no sense of heart.

Self-storage companies had been seen as a necessary evil, the places where you could store the things that outgrew your home, but you simply had to hope for the best when you locked your unit and drove away from what was rarely more than a few sheets of corrugated aluminum. The Hunts were determined to become something different.

In response to the need they saw, the Hunts founded a company based on 3 principles: safety, security, and service. Because of this dedication and professional pride, Access Self Storage, now run by brothers Doug and David Hunt, has risen to the top of the industry and routinely wins awards for excellence in all 3 of these areas.