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Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

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Dogwood Canyon is a wild, special, rich-in-diversity place, where plants, animals and people all sustain each other for a healthy future. It includes a 6,000 square foot Audubon Center and Dogwood Canyon Trails with 200+ acres of pristine forest. The Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center opened in 2011 and derives its name from the flowering dogwoods that are found on the site.

Located 16 miles southwest of Downtown Dallas, Dogwood Canyon is part of the White Rock Escarpment.  The center is within a 50-minute drive of four million people and 15 minutes from 24 schools. The Canyon features a visitor center, two canyon trails, academic programs, conservation workshops and facility rental where guests are surrounded by nature. If you just want to hang out or chill at the canyon with family and friends, The Wood offers a shady retreat with picnic tables and an unstructured children's nature play area.

The West Rim Trail offers scenic overlooks across Joe Pool Lake all the way to Cowboy Stadium, 15 miles to the northwest, in Arlington. Also available is an ADA accessible trail on the canyon floor. Both trails total approximately 2 miles and a total of 4 miles of trails are in development at Dogwood Canyon.

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