BSW 2017 Program of Work

Core Initiative Teams

EDUCATION – Orlando Riddick (Chair)

  • graduation-cap-diploma-1-1Administer the Member City Scholarships program – currently 12
    • Project - Plan Luncheon including identifying speaker (May 25 HGI)
  • Complete partnership framework and logistics for the new BSW Scholar (Cliff Boyd)
    • Selection process and parameters
    • Identify and secure financial partners (short-term and long-term)
  • Explore how BSW can support College to Career opportunities within the region
  • Identify ways to better align capacity with needs of the community
  • Opportunity for BSW Partnership to Use its Bully Pulpit to
    • Promote and communicate existing opportunities that may not be known
    • Educate the community on the value of vocational and technical education
    • Assist in the recruitment of mentors for students

TOURISM – Patty Bushart (Chair)


  • Increase functionality and user experience of Tourism page of BSW website (Patty Bushart)

  • Help to communicate and BSW city tourism-related events
  • Assist with R.E.D. Luncheon (March 23, 2017 at HGI)

TRANSPORTATION – Mayor Marcus Knight and Opal Robinson (Co-Chairs)

  • bullet-train-proposed-for-Texas-1Bullet train – assessment of positive/negative effects of region and how to increase positive opportunities
  • Provide updates and possible action items on pending and in-process transportation projects that directly or indirectly affect the region
  • DART/STAR Discussions – continue information gathering/initial feasibility and hold meeting with Mayors (Mayor Knight)
  • Assist in planning of luncheon including Identifying a speaker for Transportation Luncheon

HEALTHCARE - Dr. Cynthia Mickens-Ross (Chair)

  • healthcare-1-1Revisit BSW cities healthcare data in order to identify commonalities in healthcare needs
  • Identify and communicate possible existing resources and shared partnerships for addressing the healthcare needs
  • Begin meaningful mental health discussion for BSW region
  • Plan for an annual event, may or may not coincide with luncheon

Action Teams

Workforce Development
(P. Davis, S. Davis, Dr. J Seabrooks, K. Govan)

  • workforce-diversity-1-1Develop a comprehensive list of workforce resources for all the cities, EDC, etc. to share with current and future employers
  • Work with education partners to define a workforce pathway based on the needs of the employer
  • Connect with employers who need a trained skilled workforce
  • Work closer with Dallas Regional Chamber and be a key partner to address Mayor’s Southern Dallas Project

Marketing and Brand Development -  Jerry White (Chair)

  • marketing-and-brand-developmentResearch which industries match up well with the strengths and capabilities of each member city
    • What types of businesses would be attractive to each city and that would fit that city well?
    • What industries are common between two or more cities
    • What companies make up these “sweet spot” industries?
    • Are these companies expanding or relocating?
    • Where are these companies to be found, and approached?
      • Trade magazines
      • Trade shows and conferences
      • By the internet
      • Government resources
  • Create a targeted promotional program to pursue “sweet spot” industries/companies and go where they might be found (on-going)
  • Broaden visibility of the BSW Partnership by joining local, state and national organizations
  • Help to promote all key BSW programs and events (RED Luncheon, Legislative Series, etc.) as needed

Legislative – Kenneth Govan (Chair)

  • austin-texas-capitol-building-1-1Plan, communicate and facilitate the February Austin trip along with LSW
  • Plan and communicate the August Legislative Series
  • Update BSW on pertinent legislative activity that affects the region; especially those related to our Core Initiatives

2017 Best Southwest Partnership Chair Maranda Auzenne